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Selecting Gourmet Olive Oil

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Selecting the kind of olive oil you want is similiar to choosing a fine wine. In fact, olive oils are also similar to wine when it comes to the terms used. Different kinds of olive oil also have different color, thickness and richness. There is a range of oils you can choose from – starting from extra virgin to extra light. Like choosing wine, it is important that you select the best oil that will complement your food. For instance, when choosing wine, it is vital that you come with the right pair, such as port paired with a sumptuous desert or an excellent Chardonnay acting as the perfect counterpoint with shellfish.

Your choice of olive oil says something about you and the tastes you have, in the same way that you select a sharp tie or a pretty evening dress. The oil should also dress up the dish and bring out its flavor. The oil can dress up and improve the flavor of the salad or bring out the taste of duck breast. Oils you can choose from include:

Extra virgin oil: This is the best of olive oils. It is also the least processed olive oil and is made by pressing the olives. A genuine extra virgin olive oil is like melted butter in that it covers your mouth with a certain thickness. It also has a peppery taste.

Virgin Olive Oil: This is made with olives that are pressed two times. If you want to do some cooking, this oil is the oil you should use.

Pure Olive Oil: This is the most processed kind of oil. It is made of oil from pressed olives. The oil is also refined and filtered.

Extra light virgin oil: This does not refer to the calories or the amount of fat it has. This is considered light because of its flavor, which is very mild. There is also organic oil, which is also light in color and flavor.

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