Bread Dipping Appetizer

Bread Dipping Appetizer

Gourmet Vinegars Make Great Holiday Gifts

Gourmet vinegar such as an Italian balsamic vinegar, fits nearly everyone’s budget and meets the approval of most people who receive it as a gift. Gourmet vinegars make great holiday gifts for people who love to cook or people who love to eat. The gourmet vinegars come in various flavors such as garlic, Rosemary, Merlot vinegar, Balsamic vinegar, organic spices, Italian spices vinegar, grape seed oil in general spices vinegar all handmade and all gourmet for that special someone.

Gourmet vinegars can be used in many different recipes such as breads, pastas, chilies, fish and chips, salads and as marinades on beef, poultry and fish. Gourmet vinegar is an acquired taste, not everyone appreciates its taste but there are some things vinegar is in that you have no idea it’s in there such as potato salad.

Many people use gourmet vinegars as appetizers with bread and spices, or as an addition to their salad as dressing. But the most popular use for gourmet vinegars is for cooking.

Gourmet vinegars come in beautiful bottles so they can go on display instead of being hidden away in the cabinet some place. They have a mixture of leaves such as basil leaves, fruits such as Apple rings and oranges and lemons and lines all in beautiful bottles that you can see mixing with the vinegar to make a delicious additive to any meal. In addition you can see the spices floating around.

Many people enjoy placing the gourmet vinegars in the windowsill so they can see all the spices and fruits through the sunshine in the decorative bottles and this are why they make great holiday gifts.

A gift giving idea that is becoming more common is that of giving a bottle of fine quality Italian balsamic vinegar instead of a bottle of wine. Balsamic vinegar is a staple in any chef’s pantry, and will be very much appreciated.
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