Bread Dipping Appetizer

Bread Dipping Appetizer

Italian herbs and spice blend

Italian blends, are, as the name suggests a wonderful blend of typical Italian herbs and spices. Cruets Gourmet Italian herbs and spices blend have been created for ease of use and can be used in the preparation of many dishes such as soups, pasta and casseroles. The can be used in their dried form or rehydrated to enrich the flavour of olive oil in a bread dipping recipe.

Tomatoes are really the foundation of many Italian recipes and can be used fresh or dried. Dried tomatoes have a more intense flavour than fresh and many recipes call for their use for this reason. You might like to
try dried tomato flakes when you are preparing soups, sauces or casseroles.

In the north of Italy, Basil is the herb used to add flavour to tomato sauces. The use of fresh or dried basil is dependant upon the time of year. In summer, fresh basil is at its best, and in winter the use of dried basil is recommended. However, in Southern Italy oregano is generally used in the preparation of various tomato sauces and dishes, except for the southern Italian dish called Caprese salad which always calls for the use of basil.

The important thing to remember when using oregano and basil is that they should never be combined in the same dish. Whatever recipes you plan to prepare it is essential that all your ingredients are fresh, so that means using vegetables within two days of purchase. In every case freshly milled pepper is always ground directly onto the food.

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